Press Kit


Psychedelic Folk Rock

Los Angeles, CA

Dan Graul – Guitar; Vocals
Rebecca Graul – Keyboards; Synth; Vocals
Will Norris – Bass; Vocals
Chris Holz -Guitar





Northern Strangers shaped their psychedelic sound playing Pink Floyd records live (in their entirety) throughout Los Angeles. Other folk rock influences (including David Bowie, Neil Young and Wishbone Ash) come together with modern synth wave/punk sounds like Talking Heads, Belle & Sebastian and Arcade Fire to form a funky flavor of psychedelic fun. Members Dan Graul (Guitar/Vocals) Rebecca Graul (Keyboards/Vcoals), Will Norris (Bass/Vocals) Chris Holz (Guitar) and Jonathan Santin (Drums) played some great stages in their hometown of LA including The Roxy and the viper Room, before taking their show on the road for fun adventures like Black Mountain Family Reunion Music Festival in Colorado and playing shows around New Orleans during Jazz Fest semi-annually. The band’s original record “Where The River Goes” (produced by Long Beach music staple Antoine Arvizu) received radio play and notice in the indie blogosphere (Folk Is Not Happy, and Open Up and Say). At the end of 2017 Northern Strangers released “The Waiting Song.” The track received great critical praise “leaving the audience set fair in a brighter frame of mind than when they arrived” – Rebecca and Dan pooled their creativity (and theatrical backgrounds) to craft their most ambitious and whimsical music video to date for the track. In 2018 they have released another new single “Dreams/Love and Light.” The funky new track is the latest in a series of releases making up Northern Strangers new project “Make America Love Again.”


Northern Strangers are proud to announce our funky, psychedelic new single “Dreams/Love and Light.” The track began as a slow country/gospel type of tune, evocative of the Grateful Dead’s Brokedown Palace. Then, in a moment of inspiration, guitarist/lyricist Dan Graul started crafting an arrangement that calls on punky folk attitude, a la The Avett Brothers, Motown era soul and funk, with a touch of the 90’s alongside the usual suspects of influence (like Pink Floyd/David Bowie/Talking Heads).

The song is a personal testimony from Graul about the power of overcoming your most base fears and personal paranoia through the idea that, sometimes, the best answer is simply to abandon fear and seek out the love and positivity in the universe; the chorus touts “all things must change, we’ll never be prepared” and concludes with “the past is gone, when we move on and find the love and light.” The lyrics that speak to dreams of being chased and waking with a fright refer to actual recurring dreams Dan experienced as a child. and a tangible fear that only love could overcome.

“Dreams/Love and Light” will be available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play, etc. on Friday, April 27th. The track is the second release from Northern Strangers upcoming EP “Make America Love Again.”









“The Waiting Song is a trippy, world-beat, three and almost three quarters of a minute multi-vocal song that is weaved inside a multitude of layering of electronica and instrumentation in which the listener can feel the weariness of daily life slip off the shoulders and a sense of well-being rise through the room, leaving the audience set fair in a brighter frame of mind than when they arrived.” -Emerging Indie Bands ( (Nov 28, 2017)

“When I look for new music, I am always open to anything that comes my way, but I am especially pleased when it’s something that is different. Something that I haven’t ever really heard before. Even if it means taking a few sounds such as “Creedence Clearwater Revival” and “The 5th Dimension”, merging them together with a twist of originality to blend it perfectly. That is what you get with Northern Strangers. Their album “Monsters” does just that and has something for everyone. It’s smooth, energetic, romantic, fun, and thought provoking. When they describe their sound as “Psychedelic Folk” they know what they’re talking about. It’s absolutely wild and unique. You definitely need to download this album (It’s free too, what!?) and give it a listen.”
– Willow Raine, Musical Seduction (Apr 10, 2013)

“Interview with The Colorado Springs Independent in advance of a Tribute to Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO – “Ultimately, though, the album itself is what Graul most reveres. “All the musical themes are just so good, and the concepts, dealing with mortality and humanity and people fighting each other, are totally timeless. I think one of the reasons it’s so popular is that it hits people in a really deep place in their minds and their hearts. Every time we play it, we discover something new.””
– Bill Forman, Colorado Springs Independent (Sep 04, 2013)

“Northern Strangers’ Pink Floyd Tribute Show at Barkley Ballroom in Frisco, CO named in Summit Daily New’s Top 5 Things to do in Summit County, CO 9/4/14”
– Summit Daily News (Sep 04, 2014)