Press Kit


Psychedelic Folk Rock

Los Angeles, CA

Dan Graul – Guitar; Vocals
Rebecca Graul – Keyboards; Synth; Vocals
Will Norris – Bass; Vocals
Jonathan Santin – Drums; Vocals




Northern Strangers shaped their psychedelic sound playing Pink Floyd records live (in their entirety) throughout Los Angeles. Other folk rock influences (including David Bowie, Neil Young and Wishbone Ash) come together with modern synth wave/punk sounds like Talking Heads, Belle & Sebastian and Arcade Fire to form a funky flavor of psychedelic fun. Members Dan Graul (Guitar/Vocals) Rebecca Graul (Keyboards/Vcoals), Will Norris (Bass/Vocals) and Jonathan Santin (Drums) annually tour to Colorado to headline Black Mountain Family Reunion with their Strange Floyd show, and husband/wife team Dan and Rebecca have worked to establish Northern Strangers as a staple of the New Orleans Jazz Fest scene. The band’s original record “Where The River Goes” (produced by Long Beach music staple Antoine Arvizu) received radio play and notice in the indie blogosphere (Folk Is Not Happy, and Open Up and Say). 2017 finds Northern Strangers sick and tired of the divisive state of the world and looking to remind people of the power they possess to make their fantasies come true with their new single “The Waiting Song.” Rebecca and Dan have pooled their creativity (and theatrical backgrounds) to craft their most ambitious and whimsical music video to date for the track.


What are you waiting for?!? Northern Strangers want you to know that you have the power to make your fantasies come true! The Los Angeles based psychedelic folk band are sick and tired of the divisive state of society and have set out to sing the praises of you with the music video for their new single “The Waiting Song” — coming Thanksgiving 2017.

What do a hapless king, a hopeless prisoner, a wanting princess and a meddling sorceress have in common with you? We all get that feeling that we’re stuck in a story that’s far out of our control from time to time. In Northern Strangers’ whimsical new music video, through a strange twist of fate that intertwines them, each of these fairy-tale characters find their power to create change – the same power that we all possess.

Take the love from your heart and put it into action! Take that chance! Make that new friend! The ride of your life starts now – and you are in the drivers seat. Where do you want to go next? Check out Northern Strangers’ new music video this Thanksgiving!. Download or stream the track at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Bandcamp and all other major outlets.










“When I look for new music, I am always open to anything that comes my way, but I am especially pleased when it’s something that is different. Something that I haven’t ever really heard before. Even if it means taking a few sounds such as “Creedence Clearwater Revival” and “The 5th Dimension”, merging them together with a twist of originality to blend it perfectly. That is what you get with Northern Strangers. Their album “Monsters” does just that and has something for everyone. It’s smooth, energetic, romantic, fun, and thought provoking. When they describe their sound as “Psychedelic Folk” they know what they’re talking about. It’s absolutely wild and unique. You definitely need to download this album (It’s free too, what!?) and give it a listen.”
– Willow Raine, Musical Seduction (Apr 10, 2013)

“Interview with The Colorado Springs Independent in advance of a Tribute to Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO – “Ultimately, though, the album itself is what Graul most reveres. “All the musical themes are just so good, and the concepts, dealing with mortality and humanity and people fighting each other, are totally timeless. I think one of the reasons it’s so popular is that it hits people in a really deep place in their minds and their hearts. Every time we play it, we discover something new.””
– Bill Forman, Colorado Springs Independent (Sep 04, 2013)

“Northern Strangers’ Pink Floyd Tribute Show at Barkley Ballroom in Frisco, CO named in Summit Daily New’s Top 5 Things to do in Summit County, CO 9/4/14”
– Summit Daily News (Sep 04, 2014)