Strange Floyd – Tribute To Pink Floyd

In 2012 for a Halloween show, Northern Strangers took on the ambitious pursuit of playing Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ in it’s entirety, complete with all sound effects, voiceovers, etc. and syncing everything up live on stage to a video projection of Alice In Wonderland. After the success of the show, the band quickly began performing more and more of Pink Floyd’s classic albums for crowds around Los Angeles, and beyond.

Northern Strangers make an annual trip out to Guffey, CO for Black Mountain Family Reunion Music and Arts Festival, where The Pink Floyd Extravaganza has become a staple of the Fest’s lineup. The group syncs Pink Floyd’s Classic albums up with video ala Dark Side Of The Moon/Wizard Of Oz. They have put together shows featuring the music of Pink Floyd synced up live on stage with movies like the aforementioned Wizard Of Oz, Star Wars, Dr. Seuss Cartoons and more.

With only 4 pieces, the band manages to stay true to the sound and vision of Pink Floyd – all the while adding in their own ingenuity, personality and flair for theatrics. Northern Strangers strive to bring a high energy show, staying true to the classic sound and attitude of Pink Floyd.


NS Good Hurt Dark Side


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