Northern Strangers Pay Tribute to a Friend

We made this video for our family member and dear friend Johnny B. Kramer – lead singer of AZ/DZ, who passed away unexpectedly in late April 2013.

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Check out this awesome review of our album by Willow Raine over at Musical Seduction.

“Something that I haven’t ever really heard before. Even if it means taking a few sounds such as “Creedence Clearwater Revival” and “The 5th Dimension”, merging them together with a twist of originality to blend it perfectly. That is what you get with Northern Strangers. Their album “Monsters” does just that and has something for everyone.
It’s smooth, energetic, romantic, fun, and thought provoking.
When they describe their sound as “Psychedelic Folk” they know what they’re talking about. It’s absolutely wild and unique.”

Randy Ray of Magazine says: “I really enjoyed this album, Dan. Thank you very much.”

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Northern Strangers Promo Videos

Our good friend and video-wizard David LeBarron directed, shot, edited and produced these amazing promo videos for us. Share them with your friends!

Northern Strangers Debut Album MONSTERS! is now available!

Feel free to pay what you like for a FLAC lossless copy of our album here at our Bandcamp Page. You can also get boring old mp3 if that’s you bag too.

Northern Strangers Rock The Roxy

Thanks to everyone who came out to rock n’ roll with us at The Roxy!  And a big thanks to the dudes from Metalachi for inviting us to play at such a massively epic show.

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