New Single “Dreams/Love and Light” Coming April 2018!

Northern Strangers are proud to announce our funky, psychedelic new single “Dreams/Love and Light.” The track began as a slow country/gospel type of tune, evocative of the Grateful Dead’s Brokedown Palace. Then, in a moment of inspiration, guitarist/lyricist Dan Graul started crafting an arrangement that calls on punky folk attitude, a la The Avett Brothers, Motown era soul and funk, with a touch of the 90’s alongside the usual suspects of influence (like Pink Floyd/David Bowie/Talking Heads).

The song is a personal testimony from Graul about the power of overcoming your most base fears and personal paranoia through the idea that, sometimes, the best answer is simply to abandon fear and seek out the love and positivity in the universe; the chorus touts “all things must change, we’ll never be prepared” and concludes with “the past is gone, when we move on and find the love and light.” The lyrics that speak to dreams of being chased and waking with a fright refer to actual recurring dreams Dan experienced as a child. and a tangible fear that only love could overcome.

“Dreams/Love and Light” will be available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play, etc. on Friday, April 27th. The track is the second release from Northern Strangers upcoming EP “Make America Love Again.”

Catch Northern Strangers in New Orleans during Jazzfest 2018

Northern Strangers will be playing 2 shows at Fair Grinds Coffeehouse in New Orleans, LA during the second weekend of Jazzfest 2018! Catch us on your way out of the Fairgrounds on Thursday or on your way into the Fest on Saturday.

New Single “The Waiting Song” and Music Video Coming Thanksgiving 2017!

What are you waiting for?!? Northern Strangers want you to know that you have the power to make your fantasies come true! The Los Angeles based psychedelic folk band are sick and tired of the divisive state of society and have set out to sing the praises of you with the music video for their new single “The Waiting Song” — coming Thanksgiving 2017.

What do a hapless king, a hopeless prisoner, a wanting princess and a meddling sorceress have in common with you? We all get that feeling that we’re stuck in a story that’s far out of our control from time to time. In Northern Strangers’ whimsical new music video, through a strange twist of fate that intertwines them, each of these fairy-tale characters find their power to create change – the same power that we all possess.

Take the love from your heart and put it into action! Take that chance! Make that new friend! The ride of your life starts now – and you are in the drivers seat. Where do you want to go next? Check out Northern Strangers’ new music video this Thanksgiving!. Download or stream the track at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Bandcamp and all other major outlets.

The Waiting Song was recorded and produced by the Voodoo Bear at Manhattan Studio in Montrose, CA.

Northern Strangers are:
Dan Graul – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Rebecca Graul – Keyboard/Synth/Vocals
Will Norris – Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Santin – Drums/Percussion

Where The River Goes on Bandcamp

Download and Stream Where The River Goes for free at our Bandcamp page or order a copy on CD with Special Edition Treasure Map style packaging!

Where The River Goes Streaming On Spotify


The River Pt. 1: Fossils Now Available

Stream the first single off Northern Strangers’ new album at Spotify and Soundcloud.

Purchase The River Pt. 1: Fossils at iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp.